Orthodontics (Wire Treatment)

The main goal of wire treatment is to eliminate irregularities in the teeth and face due to various causes. Orthodontics is a branch of dentistry. People seeking wire treatment are diagnosed with tooth sizes, jaw sizes, distortions, tooth-jaw misalignments, etc. It can be defined as a treatment method that allows patients to eliminate these problems.

There is no age limit for crooked teeth in wire treatment, which is one of the most common problems in orthodontic treatment. However, in the case of jaw problems, treatment of basic problems such as chin front or back should be done at a younger age. Wire treatment can be performed on the advice of a dentist for all ages.

Who is suitable for orthodontic treatment?

All orthodontic treatment procedures aim to place teeth smoother and more harmoniously on the tooth bones and eliminate facial irregularities. For this reason, many dental and jaw diseases in people of all ages can be relative to orthodontics. Wire treatment is the most common within this specialty, eliminating irregularities in the lower and central facial areas.

Within the framework of orthodontic treatment:

  • People who have problems with tooth sizes
  • Chin being behind or forward,
  • Jaw size,
  • Tooth skewness,
  • Intermittent teeth, etc.

should seek treatment to correct their dysfunctions.

When should wire treatment be done?

The questions about how long wire treatment takes and when it should be applied are asked by people with skew or intermittent teeth to meet their expectations in a much shorter time than the treatment. According to the recommendations of experts, it is recommended that every child should undergo an orthodontic examination at the age of 7, and possible problems should be treated at an early stage. In this way, developmental problems can be detected in a short time, and it becomes possible to apply appropriate treatment methods.

The field of orthodontics offers various treatments for people of all ages. However, treatments generally are not started before the age of 10-12. On the other hand, there is no age requirement for treating only skew teeth. These problems can be treated at any age. Other disorders must occur at an earlier age. Wire treatment is applied to crooked teeth.

How is wire treatment performed?

The stages of wire treatment vary depending on the department and treatment method. In the simplest form of wires, teeth are straightened by applying constant force and pressure in the desired direction over time. Applying too much force to wires can damage the tooth and tissues.

To bring the teeth into the desired position and order, fixing the brackets with the holes where the wires are attached to the teeth will continuously support the treatment.

What should be the orthodontic treatment in adults?

Wire treatment in adults is one of the basic treatment methods in orthodontics. Orthodontic treatment is possible at any age. Apart from various applications, it is possible to use orthodontics to solve almost all dental and jaw problems.

In adults, certain conditions must be met to use wires as part of orthodontic treatment. To achieve a beautiful smile and healthier tooth structure, effective methods of combating dental disease are used with wires treatments in adults. The use of wires is widespread in adults for esthetic reasons.