A denture is a tooth we insert to replace your missing teeth that you can use  comfortably with its removable design.Our denture types offer comfortable eating conditions with natural-looking applications suitable for your tooth size.

What types of dentures are available?

Below you will find information on denture types:

  • Traditional complete denture: This is the type of denture we use when you have lost all your teeth, or the number of lost teeth is very high, and we use it after your teeth have been extracted and the tissues have healed with irreparable health problems.
  • Partial dentures: These are the types of dentures placed on your teeth with a metal nail and do not need to be placed in all your teeth. We attach the denture with the crowns we place on your damaged natural teeth, providing an aesthetic smile. Partial dentures are preferred as an alternative to bridges when they are attached to your teeth in a removable and wearable form.

What are fixed dentures?

The information on fixed dentures is as follows:

  • Porcelain crowns and bridges,
  • Zirconium crown, bridge,
  • Implant crown, bridge,
  • Laminate (veneers) coating

These are fixed dentures.

What is Porcelain Prosthetic Dental?

We describe the details of porcelain prosthetic teeth as follows:

  • Metal Supported Porcelain Teeth: These are prosthetic teeth made of a metal alloy under the porcelain veneer during construction. The porcelain teeth we use are prosthetic teeth made of chrome-cobalt or chrome-nickel alloys compatible with your tooth tissue. We prefer metal-coated porcelain teeth in the posterior region more than in the anterior region.
  • Zirconium-Supported Porcelain: These are our prosthetic tooth applications, using a white zirconium coating instead of metal in the infrastructure. With this process, we remove the slight grey appearance created by the metal at the end of the gingiva. Our zirconium-supported porcelain dentures are the procedures we use to achieve the results closest to your natural tooth color.
  • Complete Porcelain Dentures: These are the denture teeth that we prefer to attach with a reinforced prosthetic coating. No metal or other alloy is used in these dentures. They provide a natural tooth color and an aesthetic, youthful smile.

What are the advantages of zirconium dentures?

The following is a detailed list of the advantages of zirconium dentures:

  • The zirconium denture we use for your tooth loss is the closest to the natural tooth in its white color,
  • Gives you an aesthetic, young and dynamic smile,
  • Reflects the light,
  • Elimination of the dark line on the gum line by using white zirconium in the sub-alloy,
  • 100% harmony with the human body and health,
  • Easy adjustment and complete elimination of tooth sensitivity,
  • Prevention of allergic reactions,
  • Long-term use are among the advantages they provide.

What is the purpose of dentures?

We list information about the purpose of dentures  as follows:

  • To replace the lost tooth with a healthy and fully functional new tooth with the denture we place,
  • To eliminate your speech disorder caused by tooth loss,
  • To intervene in case of loss of a single tooth or all your teeth in sequence,
  • To eliminate the consequences of chewing difficulties and malnutrition,
  • To prevent other teeth from slipping into the gap caused by tooth loss and worsening of tooth position,
  • To prevent excessive chewing load on the unevenly distributed teeth in the mouth,
  • We do this to eliminate tooth loss with natural white-looking dentures and create a younger and more aesthetically pleasing smile.

Who Can Have Dentures?

We list the information about people who can get dentures as follows: We apply dentures to patients;

  •  who have lost a single tooth,
  • who have lost more than one or all of their teeth,
  • and who have not lost teeth but need tooth extraction because they have delayed treatment long after tooth extraction.